• Brand new invasions and events - including Martian Madness, the penultimate challenge: The Battle vs the Lunar Cultists, Celestial Pillars, and the Moonlord himself!
  • Over 800 new items - including weapons, armor, potions, building items and more
  • Expert Mode - Fortune and Glory, Kid... are you willing to take on a much higher challenge with the promise of greater rewards?
  • New Biomes - the Underground Desert, Sky Lakes, and other mini biomes are out there for you to uncover
  • Loads of Quality of Life changes and new features/mechanics
  • Updated sprites and artwork aligned to the PC 1.3.4 update
  • New UI for Single Player and Splitscreen that more closely matches PC
  • More save slots for players and larger worlds that now exactly match their intended sizes on PC Other smaller visual and otherwise tweaks
  • Transferable legacy save files
  • Hinta
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    Terraria (Xbox One)

    Terraria (Xbox One)